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Psychopomp collaborates with your existing team(s) to design and develop your games and interactive products, based upon your individual project and company needs. Regardless of whether your are a dev team, publisher, IP/rights holder or indy dev, Psychopomp has tailored services to help you.


Psychopomp works with teams at every stage of development.


Example Services

  • Deep analysis of gameplay resulting in prioritized, actionable feedback

  • Identify and increase focus on existing potential and mitigate waste

  • Polishing and editing of gameplay in those critical final months

  • Translating creative goals into actionable tasks

  • Building road maps for design implementation and tracking progress

  • Auditing progress against creative, time, and budget goals


Psychopomp offers a wide range of services, based upon individual project needs.



Gameplay Analysis

When you work on a labor of love for an extended amount of time, it's hard to remain objective. Teams have difficulty in accessing quality. They learn to live with the rough edges that generate user friction. Potential may be missed in the thousands of daily details and deadlines. The solution is often to turn to Focus Testing or User Experience Testing (UX). These practices have their value. But, they also have their limits. Feedback is often from whomever could be rounded up that week, resulting in insight that is limited, requiring the team spend a lot time attempting to interpret it. 

Consider it like this - a highly skilled chef can ask a room full of people what they think of his/her food. They will receive mostly basic positive/negative "I liked it/I didn't like it" feedback and some details when the consumers are pressed. Should the same chef discuss the matter with a peer that is skilled in cooking and judging, they will receive far deeper feedback, backed up with reasons, and suggestions for improvement.


Focus group vs Psychopomp.JPG

Anyone can give feedback. Psychopomp's reports identify root cause problems, indicate priorities, and provide potential solutions.



Distributed Development Assistance

'Distributed development' is becoming increasingly popular as teams seek to cut costs and raise efficiency. Done right, distributed development can be a powerful production tool. However, it can be highly challenging to ensure that the content created externally is indistinguishable from that created by the internal team. Or, that the discreet sections of game that are created externally, are of equally high quality to the core. For effective distributed development, there needs to be good process, best practices, and a recipe for how to make the secret sauce. Psychopomp has spent time working as this bridge between teams. 

  • Ensuring core messaging is understood

  • Formalizing best practices and techniques for the desired result

  • Communicating the needs of the external development team

  • Assessing and reporting back on progress and quality


Psychopomp has years of experience in helping external teams to hit their goals.




Sometimes things go wrong. For any number of reasons a project may be off target. It could be anything, such as a lack of quality, loss of key team members, technical issues or bug debt, just to name a few. These situation call for calm heads, checked emotions, and decisiveness. When millions of dollars or hard-earned reputations are on the line, you need help from someone who is willing to roll up their sleeves and get involved. Not some blue-sky, vague direction sent down from someone safe in their ivory tower. Psychopomp has first hand experience in working with projects that need help and can offer assistance in the following areas,

  • Lack of creative vision

  • Gameplay isn't fun

  • Deciding what to cut

  • Low presentation quality

  • Poor player communications and understanding

  • Structural problems

  • Aligning budget, schedule and plan


No-one wants their project problems advertised. Psychopomp works to help find solutions and fix problems in a discreet and friendly manner.


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