Game Development has Changed

The ways of the original game design consultant are long dead.

Contemporary projects are complex, multi-faceted, cross-disciplined, team-wide challenges. There are no ‘Gods of Gaming’ who can write out the formula for success in a design bible. Let alone, meet all of a project's requirements with a single deliverable, before disappearing into the sunset.

Development is organic, yet must be structured and predictable. Project outcomes don’t rest upon a few major decisions. Instead, it is thousands of smaller decisions made along the way. While what is shipped may still contain the soul and foundation of what was conceived, it is unlikely to take the exact same form of that which was originally imagined. Discoveries must be maximized and failures learned from and mitigated.

Therefore, there can’t be a single, static exchange of ‘blueprints’ for ‘goods’. You need a consultant that is with you every step of the way,


Psychopomp works with teams at every stage of development.



Help with your Projects

Psychopomp collaborates with your existing team(s) to design and develop your games and interactive products, based upon your individual project and company needs. Regardless of whether your are a dev team, publisher, IP/rights holder or indy dev, Psychopomp has tailored services to help you.


Working to your projects goals, not ours.



    How Psychopomp Works

    The best results are achieved through close collaboration and continuous contact. Relationships must be built and mutual respect earned. This means spending time onsite, working alongside those whose mission it is to create or foster the next great thing. When working offsite, a presence must be maintained via the latest in communications technology.

    Common goals, language and genuine understanding must be created in order for all parties to succeed., Be they dev team, publisher or IP/rights holder. After all, a critically acclaimed, mass market game is what we all want in return for our time and monetary investments.


    Collaborating with your team to maximize its potential.



    What Psychopomp Brings to the Table

    • Honesty, integrity, and an uncompromising passion for quality are the tenets that Psychopomp is built upon
    • A vast level of game design and development experience that covers working at both developers and publishers for more than 25 years
    • Being outside of company politics, individual agendas and ‘brand of me’ posturing means being able to do what is right for the project - every time
    • Understanding of time, resource, budgetary and tech constraints
    • An experienced traveler who likes to spend time on site

    A well rounded, experienced industry professional, with world-wide availability.




    • Deep analysis and audit of gameplay resulting in prioritized, actionable feedback
    • Identify and increase focus on existing potential and mitigate waste
    • Polishing and editing of gameplay in those critical final months
    • Translating creative goals into actionable tasks 
    • Building road maps for design implementation and tracking progress

    While these specialties offer maximum value, Psychopomp offers a wide range of services.



    What is Team Augmentation?

    One of the ways in which Psychopomp can help a project is through 'team augmentation'.

    Contemporary development often sees the team go through several transformations during the course of development. The need for certain skill sets and the number of team members may fluctuate. As projects move into full production, stress on the creative leadership team increases, as there are a large amount of tasks, meetings, and people that require their attention. 

    When working in a team augmentation capacity, Psychopomp joins the creative leadership team, supporting the Creative Director/Game Director and Lead Designer. This enables the leadership team members to focus their efforts and ensures that there is extra attention on driving the project to meet its goals. This is not a replacement for a skilled team of leads, but a way to support, facilitate and maximize what already exists.


    Psychopomp has years of experience in respectfully integrating into in-house development teams without causing friction.



    Sometimes things go wrong. For any number of reasons a project may be off target. It could be anything, such as a lack of quality, loss of key team members, technical issues or bug debt, just to name a few. These situation call for calm heads, checked emotions and decisiveness. When millions of dollars or hard-earned reputations are on the line, you need help from someone who is willing to roll up their sleeves and get involved. Not some blue-sky, vague direction sent down from someone safe in their ivory tower. Psychopomp has first hand experience in working with projects that need help and can offer assistance in the following areas,

    • Lack of creative vision
    • Gameplay isn't fun
    • Deciding what to cut
    • Low presentation quality
    • Poor player communications and understanding
    • Structural problems
    • Aligning budget, schedule and plan

    No-one wants their project problems advertised. Psychopomp works to help find solutions and fix problems in a discreet and friendly manner.


    What can Psychopomp do for you?







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