While the games industry has changed significantly over the years, it is still typically the publisher that shoulders the majority of the financial risk with projects. Product portfolios have grown, the marketplace continuously evolves and development costs have skyrocketed. However, the essential relationship between dev team and pub team is often a tenuous one, filled with politics, fear and misunderstandings.

Now more than ever it’s important for publishers to have both a deep understanding of the development cycle and to be able to forecast where a project is heading. To know the factors that could be the difference between a major hit and a project that is an expensive DOA. But, many individuals involved in the publishing world have never experienced day-to-day game development. It remains a black box they have little insight into.

Psychopomp has valuable experience working on both sides of the fence. Having empathy and respect for both publisher and developer means bridging the gap, communicating in a fashion promoting confidence and mitigating misunderstandings.


  • Dev team augmentation 
  • Content & feature negotiation
  • Project status and risk evaluation
  • Prediction of final quality
  • Milestone review and tracking
  • Pitch evaluation
  • Game design documentation review
  • Due diligence evaluation and reporting
  • Firefighting


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