Blog: 2018 will be a Battle Royale Bloodbath

2018 will be the year that everyone will try to get in on the Battle Royale trend. Small games will clone it. Big Triple-A games will either offer a new twist on it, or else include it as a mode. 

We're likely to see games launching with BR modes that also contain,

  • AI enemies as additional creeps 
  • AI NPC's that can be recruited or farmed to power up
  • Asymmetrical objectives > World events that change up the map during gameplay
  • Streamed audience influenced features and events
  • Location based gameplay

But, will any of it be enough to prise players away from Fortnight and PUBG? They've smartly migrated quickly across platforms. Cutting off avenues to virgin players on everything except the Switch. History tells us there might be room for one more big competitor. Then, everyone else will be living off crumbs or sticking with the mode that their game does best.


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