Cartoon: Who's guarding your IP?

Some of the best and worst video games ever created are those that are licensed from successful IP. A great game can provide a deeper, more interactive, and intimate experience of a cherished universe. While a poorly executed game (or an exploitative 'cash grab') sets back transmedia strategy and damages the reputation of the parties involved. 

Modern video games are perhaps the most sophisticated and complex medium on the planet. The challenge is great. But, the rewards are too!

IP Licensors need to protect their interests by ensuring they have a true understanding of who the developer is, what is being developed, how it strengthens the brand, and what steps are being taken toward hitting the quality bar. 

Game dev teams likewise must understand the unique challenges of a licensed product. They must be confident that they have a deep understanding of the IP, healthy respect for what has come before and will come after, flexibility to roll with the inevitable 'asks' for changes and adjustments, and a team that is passionate to make it all happen. Find out how Psychopomp can help with licensed games,


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