Blog: Downtime is the Enemy of Games-As-A-Service

Games-As-A-Service is an exciting form of symbiosis when everything is just right. Players receive regular updates and new content. Publishers and dev studios benefit from extended engagement, leading to additional revenue. 

However, it can be particularly painful for both sides too. 

Perhaps the largest challenges lie in providing service without interruption, while continuously evolving. For a game to truly work like a service, it has to have the same availability as the internet service that it relies upon.

This is something that even the largest and brightest companies have struggled with.  For players, not being able to play the game is incredibly frustrating.  They not only lose access to the game. But, also their progression, status, loot, friends, and social activities too!  

Downtime is also a vulnerable time for companies. It's a time for the player to try something new. An opportunity to find a new 200 hour activity, from which they won't return.

That's why it's becoming crucial for games to find new solutions to mitigating or eliminating downtime. Simulating large-scale engagement and rolling out updates to select markets or audience segments to see how they perform in the wild, before they have the chance to take down the entire service.


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