Blog: Control Input Method Affects Competitiveness

The input method that players use when controlling a game has a massive influence on how well they perform when playing. The number of interactions per second and the resolution of those interactions can be directly related to whether they are using a touchscreen, controller, or a mouse & keyboard. 

That's why its critical that competitive games do all that they can to put players on an equal footing. There are things we must investigate and determine,

1) The 'executive ask' of cross-platform play must be carefully examined and understood. While this is great marketing, it presents unique headaches for tuning and balancing. How can it be achieved in such a way that one part of the audience doesn't have a large advantage?

2) What safe measures can be implemented to prevent players from gaining advantage or cheating via peripherals or emulation? Can we detect when players are playing in an undesirable fashion, prevent them from preying on other players, and help them to return to the fold?

3) How can players enter a matchmaking process that doesn't just dump all players in together? Players are usually separately by platform.

But, as the walls start to come down, what other factors can help them to be brought together in ways that maximize their fun?


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