When your company has invested people, time and resources into creating a valuable IP, you want to ensure that nothing devalues or detracts from it.

Yet, the entertainment landscape is littered with the husks of poorly executed, cash-grab video games that have done little to help IP grow, or enrich its transmedia presence. It's unacceptable that a game merely represent the graphical manifestation of an IP. It should also host the same core messages and tenants, sharing the soul of the original material.

Psychopomp has developed games for some of the biggest brands and intellectual properties in the world. There is a core belief that games and interactive media must be strong enough to stand as their own products


  • IP/brand guardian for games and interactive media
  • Content & feature negotiation
  • Evaluation of IP/brand suitability for video game adaptation
  • Due diligence evaluation on licensees
  • Crafting pitches for turning IP/brand into products
  • Video game industry consultation & knowledge


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