What is a Game Design Consultant?


A good game design consultant is someone who provides a range of services to existing teams and/or projects. Examples of this being analysis and guidance for projects that are in development. They may provide original design work that either helps define a project or provides detail for a specific area of the game. The consultant should also be able to help coach and mentor other designers on good practices, implementation techniques, and how to approach design problems. 

Psychopomp provides discreet, expert insight and perspective on your projects and delivers structured solutions aimed at raising quality and removing friction.


What is a Game Development Consultant?


A game development consultant helps teams to craft good development process, methodology, and communications for projects. This can cover everything from creating and structuring a team, to gathering and filtering feedback, and helping to organize production for efficiency. They can also assist the management team with tracking progress and predicting final delivery or quality.  

Psychopomp can help teams to create processes and define techniques for achieving creative goals, and effectively tracking their implementation.


How is Psychopomp Different to Other Consultants?


There are several different types of consultant within the games industry. Therefore, it's important to understand what each can offer.

There are business consultants that offer services such as biz dev, focus groups, and marketing strategies. These can be important services for helping teams to get deals and bring products to market. But, it's unlikely that their skills and experience lie in daily product development.

Then there's product consultants that predict review scores, perform product comparisons, and give insight via market research. Important factors in determining how to approach the marketplace. They may even be able to tell you what your project is missing, relative to comparative products. But, they may not have any actual game development experience or be able to provide fully realized creative designs or development techniques.   

Lastly, there are design and development consultants that understand day-to-day game development, and offer services that help teams to imagine and forge their products. Psychopomp belongs in this category. When working with these consultants its important that the client ensure that the consultant is experienced, has a proven track record, and can provide support and guidance throughout the development cycle. As the saying goes - "Ideas are cheap. Execution is everything."  

Psychopomp is game focused, hands on, and highly experienced. 


Why Employ a Consultant?

A good consultant can bring many things to the table. They can help you to quickly acquire an experienced developer without a prolonged search for a full time employee. A consultant can save you time and money by only being a part of the team for as long as needed, avoiding the headache of finding them a next project or resulting to hiring-and-firing cycles.

Here are the top five contributions that an experienced consultant can bring to your team and project.

  1. Gain valuable external perspective for your projects, before they hit the marketplace

  2. Help ensure that good methodology, process and practices are being employed

  3. The ability to honestly evaluate without politics or emotional attachment

  4. A consultant can spend more time with builds of the game without the distractions of day-to-day studio life

  5. Alleviate pressure on the creative leadership team (which can result in burnout)

If there was a chance you could make your product better, wouldn't you take it?


Still got Questions?

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