Regardless of its talent, size and available resources, the modern game development team is often barely able to keep its head above water. The project leadership team is often over stressed and over stretched. The Creative Director and project ‘Leads’ simply not having the necessary time to devote toward creatively driving and monitoring the project while balancing meetings, mentoring and managing. All too often, precious little time is actually spent with a build of the game itself. Which as we all know is one of the most critical aspects of development.

The outcome is that quality is compromised and many projects fail to live up to their true potential.

Having been through many development cycles, Psychopomp has experienced all of these problems. Dev team support services are targeted to augment creative leadership so that together we may achieve project goals to the highest quality.


  • Deep gameplay analysis and feedback
  • Creative direction
  • Game design documentation review
  • Focusing team in areas of potential
  • Developing process & methodology 
  • Defining techniques for results
  • Auditing feedback systems (scoring, audible & visual language, language of interactivity, etc.)
  • Player training and onboarding
  • Game/level/systems design
  • Building design teams
  • Interfacing with publishers
  • Firefighting