Fundamental Beliefs

Psychopomp is founded upon the simple belief that "everything can be made better". 

Whether through evolution or revolution, everything can be improved upon. Great ideas must be harvested, cultivated, and skillfully woven together. Mismatches, time sinks, and wrong turns must be identified early (if not before they happen) and mitigated. Concise planning, rapid iteration, and prototyping help projects grow and evolve. Finding their soul and defining signature elements early, so that they can be leveraged and their potential maximized. 

Strong creative leadership isn't about having the best ideas or being the most talented person in the room. It's about providing clear direction and communicating the design goals by through pillars, standards and conventions, methodology and language that the rest of the team can build upon in order to achieve consistent, high quality results. 

In turn, the whole team must ensure that what they create is uniform, cohesive and has depth. The game must communicate to the player with good choreography, deliberate pacing, clear feedback systems, audible & visual interactive language and obvious motivation. In order to enjoy a game, the player must first understand how to play it and how to get better at it.

Mike Ellis Game Designer

About Mike Ellis

Mike is a game design veteran with over 25 years of industry experience. During this time he's worked for a number of developers and publishers in design leadership roles, such as Design Director, Design Manager and Lead Designer. This has seen Mike move from the UK to the US, working at studios along the West coast.  

Working as a developer, co-developer, or publishing partner has taken Mike all over the UK and the US, with collaborations in Canada, Russia, South Korea and the Netherlands. He has shipped games for consoles, PC, and mobile platforms. Mike is also a voting member of BAFTA.

Mike is equally comfortable working as a contributor, collaborator, or manager, and has managed design departments of up to 15 people, across multiple projects. He has experience ranging from the studio floor to working with teams that are half way around the world.

Some of his favorite moments are when he has Adobe Illustrator open, creating visually oriented design materials, with a pair of headphones on. 

Games aren't just an interest or career for Mike.
They are his life's work.



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