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Psychopomp is a video game consultancy, combining the following elements.


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 Psychopomp works hand-in-hand with your existing team(s) to help you efficiently make your projects to the highest possible quality.


What can Psychopomp do for you?

A proven track record helping everyone from indies to award-winning triple-A studios.











“Psychopomp has been working with us since our 'proof of concept' phase and we will certainly be utilizing its expertise in the future. The objective, informed analyses Psychopomp provided has given us insights into our game that are clear and catered to the needs of our specific development team and player audience. It is rare to be able to gain access to a game design consultant with such vast knowledge and experience in professional game development, who will take the time to communicate essential details about a project clearly, concisely and with actionable suggestions.”

Geert van den Burg
Studio Director, Hidden Monster Games

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"Psychopomp has been serving as our external game designer for the past several months as we've been taking our initial game from a rough concept to a detailed design for our development team. Psychopomp’s work products are well thought out and complete. Psychopomp has been extremely responsive, flexible and diligent throughout our engagement. As an indie development group, one of Psychopomp’s strengths that we value most is the ability to provide both high-level, big picture guidance, and also get hands-on with very low-level work products and deliverables. The guidance and input have been invaluable in terms of translating rough concepts to detailed design and ensuring consistency throughout the process. I strongly recommend Psychopomp to anyone seeking outside game design help."

Nitin Malhotra
CEO & Founder, Kicksome Entertainment

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